Project Pallisa

In May 2015, we were blessed with the opportunity to visit Calvary Chapel Pallisa and meet the many orphans of this village. As they welcomed us in beautiful songs and dances, our hearts were touched by the needs of these children. The pastor of Calvary Chapel Pallisa has been struggling to provide a little food and care for the many orphans. Many of these orphaned children have lost their parents due to tragic circumstances, such as murder, AIDS and suicide. They have makeshift homes with distant relatives or neighbors, but they are in great need of the loving care of a family. They also are in need of a quality education. They cannot attend school consistently because they have no one to pay their tuition. They also lack money for school supplies and shoes.

We have begun by helping to pay tuition for a few children. But there is no school close enough for the young children to attend. To be part of the solution, we have started a small literacy class for 24 of the orphaned children who are unable to read or write.

We are praying that God can bring resources and also bring people that join us in this course to change the stories of these beautiful children and give them a hopeful future.

You can get involved and help bring education and care for these orphans in Pallisa. Please contact us!

If you’re interested in helping us care for these beautiful children, please contact us at