As Asifiwe, we want to help bring about change in the community to rebuild the foundation that have been destroyed and bring about sustainable development in Africa. Our purpose for sustainability is to generate income to sustain the ministry activities, create employment opportunities for the community members and also to serve as an avenue to develop the talents of the children.

Currently, Asifiwe operates the following income-generating projects.


As part of the sustainability, the house mothers and children do hand work such as craft making, and as a ministry we make T-shirts and other promotional materials for sale. This helps in talent development so that our children receive not only formal education but also acquire practical skills. The promotional materials help to promote and raise awareness about the ministry and also bring income for the ministry.


Uganda has fertile soils and a favorable climate that can provide a perfect environment to support sustainable projects through agricultural and livestock farming.
Through this we are renting a small piece of land where we can grow some vegetables and fruits and hopefully in the future we can buy a large piece of land and do agriculture on a large scale, including livestock and poultry.

***You can help us bring more ideas for generating income for the ministry. If you are interested in getting involved in our sustainability projects or creating new projects, please contact us at