Visit Asifiwe

If you’re interested in spending time in Africa, taking a holiday, or working with children, you can visit Asifiwe Child Care. There are many ways you could get involved in the ministry that will be life changing.

  1. Medical Team – If you’re a medical or health personnel and you want to extend help to the needy, you can also participate in helping to meet the medical needs of those part of Asifiwe Child Care.
  2. Mission Trip – If you want to minister to the hearts of those who are less fortunate through discipleship, trauma counselling or social work, we would love to work with you.
  3. Building Team – Get involved in the building of an Asifiwe house or any other structures needed.
  4. Training – Share your expertise. Whatever skills the Lord has gifted you with, we would love to have you come share them with us. It could be with our house mothers, children, staff, or the community that we work in.


If you would like to visit us or help in any of these ways or any other way, please contact us at