Uganda has an overabundance of vulnerable children who have been orphaned, abandoned and abused.

  • It has the second highest birth rate in the world and the highest population of children under the age of fifteen, which is 52%.

Most of these children are born out of wedlock to parents who are unable or unwilling to provide for them. These children grow up without love and instruction from a mother or father, and without a moral and spiritual foundation to build their lives upon. These children live day by day, seeking whatever they can find in order to survive, without hope for the future, inheriting the broken foundation that has been passed down for generations and following the lifestyle of their parents. Some may live with a parent or a distant relative, but the sad truth is that many are abused in these living situations. They are lonely, looking for love, wondering if God sees them, and if He cares about them at that need this help. People believe that the hope for Africa lies in its abundant mineral resources.

But as Asifiwe, we believe that Africa’s greatest resource is its children. We desire to cultivate this resource through providing a loving family, an education with academic and practical life skills, medical care and spiritual and emotional support. By doing this we believe we can raise up men and women who will change their communities.

There are many children out there that are looking for love and they are crying out saying “Can someone help me?’’. There are many vulnerable babies in Uganda who are abandoned or orphaned due to poverty, lack of education and the HIV/AIDS crisis. Almost all of them fail to make it to their 5th birthday because of the much-needed intense care and medical attention that their immediate relatives cannot provide. Some of them have been found in pit latrines, under trees, plantations, garbage dumps and some are left in hospitals.

Therefore as Asifiwe, we desire to be an avenue of God’s love to all the children of Africa. We hope to bring many more children out of poverty and hopelessness and into the dignified life that is a result of the transforming work of Christ’s love.
Looking at all the needs of all these children, we knew that we need to begin a child care ministry so that we can care for these children fully. Thus, Asifiwe Child Care is a ministry that aims to provide loving and caring transitional homes, education, medical care and spiritual discipleship for the children of Africa.