Gift Policy

The greatest blessing of sponsors is your committed financial support to enable Asifiwe Child Care to care for and raise the children to positively impact the country of Uganda. We sincerely thank you for your faithful giving.

Parcel Gifts

Parcel or gift items received are inventoried and distributed to each child. All parcels or monetary gifts are distributed to the children according to the sponsor’s preference. You may specify whether you would like your gift to go to the child that you are connected to or if you do not mind if it goes to any other child.
If you choose to mail a parcel, please mail it directly to the Uganda office where it will be inventoried.

Asifiwe Child Care Ministry
P.O. Box 554

Monetary Gifts

• Any monetary gifts over and above your sponsorship payment should be directed through the country office where your sponsorship funds are collected and will be wired to Uganda to be given to the sponsored individual.
• Please note that this does not refer to your regular sponsorship support, which is used to benefit the child that you sponsor as well as other needs of our children’s programs.

* We would encourage you to consider writing a letter as a way to bless the individual you sponsor. Hearing from their sponsors is such an encouragement for them personally, and it also helps them get to know you and to write to you. For ideas and resources about writing to your sponsored member, view this article how to write to your sponsored individual.

Thank you for your faithful support.

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