Our children come from broken families, some abused, some abandoned, and some orphaned. Asifiwe Child Care desires to give each child a second chance at having a loving family and a place to call home for the rest of their lives. So when we talk about the children and the homes, we have dubbed it “This is Home.” It is a safe place where their hearts can settle in and be at peace, not fearing when it will be taken from them by someone or something.


Asifiwe homes are built to cater for vulnerable children who have lost their families. Our goal is to provide complete care for every child. We desire to have a community of individual homes. Each house has a loving mother with eight children, four girls and four boys, of various ages to form an organic family unit. Asifiwe Child Care is not an orphanage. We don’t want to have a dormitory setting, but rather a village of small homes so every child has their own family with a loving mother and siblings so that they can grow up as a normal family and become men and women who will change their societies. In the Child Care, the children receive Home Care, Medical Care, Education and Spiritual Discipleship.
The Child Care is designed to meet, not only the physical needs of the child, but also to provide everything else that is required for the child to grow up healthy and the focus on the future .


A child is placed in a home where his or her physical needs are met. We provide each child with clothing, a bed, water, food and shelter. This is to create a family setting where they will learn to love and respect as they live with one another and grow up in a normal family like any other child and thereby building a sense of ownership and responsibility. Godly men visit the homes to speak into the lives of  the children and mentor them in the things of the Lord. Through this Home Care, we believe the children will grow up to change the fractured family structure of the society.


An education prepares a child for life by developing character and career. As Asifiwe we believe that if a child receives a biblical centered education accompanied with practical skills training this child will definitely grow up to change their community. Our children are taken to good Christian schools with godly values. Our children in primary school are attending Calvary Chapel Christian School, a project of Calvary Chapel Entebbe. One day, we hope to have our own Asifiwe schools. The Children are also involved in other extra-curricular activities like talent development, choir, craft making etc. which helps them discover themselves and also foster the psycho-social development of the children. This helps the children deal with and overcome any trauma and brokenness from their past and move forward with their lives.


When the children come to us most of them have health complications and they need medical attention. We do not have our own medical facility, so each child is taken a hospital or clinic in the community for treatment. Our children receive all the necessary medical checkups and treatment according to their health needs. We hope to have our own medical facility because having an onsite clinic meets the everyday healthcare needs of the village and community. Medical teams could then visit and help to care for the special medical needs of the children. This can also help to reduce medical bills.


Spiritual discipleship is key in our child care ministry, besides the normal education, the children receive a daily Word of God as a family from the mother, and on a weekly basis social workers come to their homes to pray with the children and speak into the children`s lives. Children are also able to hear from pastors as they attend a local church every Sunday. This helps the children to grow up rooted in the Word of God and to know about the greatest love of all. This helps to build a strong biblical foundation for their future.