I am Beautiful

As Asifiwe, we do not only care for children. We also invest in the women who work in the homes to care for the children. We look for vulnerable women, such as widows and single mothers to train in caring for the children. After we train these women, we place them in the home to care for our children as a mother, along with two of their own children. In the home, they receive food and board at no cost. And we also give each mother an allowance to cater for her personal needs and the needs of her family members that are not in the home.

We consider these women as part of our ministry, and we seek to guide them in caring for the children, as well as caring for them as individuals. We want them to realize the beauty within each of them and be proud of who God has made them to be.

Sponsorship of a house mother helps us to provide for her needs in the home and provide her allowance, as well as to save some money for her for the time when she may need to retire.